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Serving Coffee 

It is our aim to provide Boise, Idaho with quality coffee, crafted to the absolute best of our ability, in an atmosphere of love. We believe that genuine love is the answer to the problems and struggles of this world, and we aim to make that known. We believe this type of all encompassing love is only possible in God’s perfect love, which can, and does, change the world one person at a time. 


Sending Hope

The District Coffee House is non-profit, created to support an orphanage network called Send Hope. Through Send Hope we are able to help financially support and raise awareness for hundreds of orphans in twelve different orphanages across India. Through your coffee purchases you are helping to provide food, a safe home, education, health care and love for these beautiful children.


What We Do


We roast our coffee locally, exclusively for our coffee house. Roasted in micro-batches twice a week,  our unique fire-roasting process brings out the distinctive and unique flavors found only in 100% Arabica beans from around the world. Here are some general taste notes you might find in the main regions our beans are harvested from:  

Indonesia: low acidity, earthy, deep flavor/lasting, heavy mouth feel, full bodied

Africa: brightly acidic, big, complex cup

Latin America: mild acidity, mild cup, balanced




The idea is simple. Some of us have a little extra to spend and some of us don’t have quite enough. Customers who want to give can donate cups of coffee to our Pending Coffee board. We keep a tally of available pending coffees, and anyone can come in and claim one of them for free. Think of it as a way to love your neighbor with a cup of coffee. So come in and give or receive.

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Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 8am-7pm

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